Hey, it’s Todd Levy.

The one from Chicago. Who now lives in New Jersey.

(Not a joke.)

If you’re looking for the classical clarinetist, Global Cloud founder, or account guy at Twitter, you’re in the wrong place.


  • “Your jokes are funny about 70% of the time… closing in on 71%.”

    Bill Metzler

  • “I can’t believe I’m married to this guy.”

    Dana Levy

  • “You are the most annoying brilliant person I’ve ever met.”

    Derek Fansler





  • A 3D-Printed Batman Buddha

    Before 3D printers, it never would have been possibly to so seamlessly combing the master Buddha with Batman.

  • Beautiful little piece of folk art here...

    Jerry Garcia Matchbook

    Incredible Jerry Garcia created from a matchbook.

  • Photo - Whoa. Latest radar is scary looking. Thanks for sharing Ron Cohen.

    Whoa. Latest radar is scary looking. Thanks for sharing Ron Cohen.

  • Here's one for the Star Wars fans...

    A Short Time From Now in a Stadium Far, Far Away

    Here the Treyful Dead are reimagined as Jedis.

  • Genius.

    Sorry, Can't Draw Worth Shit



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    @dogfishbeer Burton Baton and World Wide Stout "black & tan" at UNO's Maple Shade. #beer #beerporn #beeradvocate #pbw2014 #philly #beerweek

  • toddlevy

    2010 @dogfishbeer World Wide Stout. Incredibly mellow and delicious. #beer #craftbeer #beerporn #beeradvocate #stout

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    Hey @foundersbrewing, look what I found in my basement. Any chance for a refill some day? #beer #beerporn #beeradvocate

  • toddlevy

    Sometimes the sum of the parts isn't greater than the whole. @foundersbrewing KBS and @troegsbeer Nugget Nectar "Black & Amber" #beer #craftbeer #beerporn #beeradvocate #meritage